Real Twins - Florida

Sue Sylvester, a famous reality television producer, was in desperate need of a new reality program when she created Real Twins, a television show that would put twelve sets of twins or triplets in one mansion. The idea was brilliant. Auditions were held throughout the country to find the families that would give the most interesting show. What will happen when they are all put in the same mansion? Who will fight? Who will hook up? Join to find out!
A Glee twin RP

Alright, so after talking a lot about it, we decided we are going to close the RP. The reboot was to avoid certain situations that are unfortunately happening again. So, the RP is officially closed. 


Anonymous asked:
App count>

Blaine Anderson: 1

Youngest Fabray: 1

Oldest Fabray: 1

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Welp, it looks like it’s time for one of these. Ahem.

Unfollow the following characters:

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We’ll be working on getting new faces in here too!

xo Dakota

Anonymous asked:
can i audition for a hudson?

Yes! Apply! :)

Anonymous asked:
audition count...?

One audition for a Hummel twin.

Anonymous asked:
could I appy for Finn, or did you not want any Hudsons?

Certainly! You can apply for a Hudson, Finn or otherwise.

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The following players haven’t updated in TWO days (The inactivity limit is FOUR days, so this is just a friendly reminder.):

We don’t want to have to kick people out but alas, inactivity gets the boot. Sad face.

gracias muchachos <3

Isabella Berry - Accepted

Hi! Welcome to the RP! Make your account and sen it in :)

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